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FHA 2013 and 2014

Do you have a FHA mortgage from April 2014 to Dec 2014?  If so, you are paying about $80,000 too much.  You can switch now to a 20 year Bi-Weekly loan option and save now.

The problem with FHA loans from 2013 and 2014 is the high mortgage insurance.  The MI is at 1.35% for 30 years.  You can not get rid of the mortgage insurance.  You pay 30 full years no matter how much equity you have.

The 20 year FHA loan has 11 years of MI if at 90% LTV.  You just need 10% equity to get a substantial MI break.  Plus the 20 year loan is priced better so you will save thousands on interest cost.  The 20 year FHA is a shorter term.  This also save thousands with a shorter loan term.  The Bi-Weekly option has you pay half a payment 2x a month; thus you make 1 extra mortgage payment a year.  This will help pay off your 20 year loan in 17 years.  Win Win.

Call me to take advantage of my 20 year Bi-Weekly loan program.

Renovate your Dream Home in Westbury 77035

Take a look at the current live real estate statistics in Westbury 77035. The prices and market action are coming back this year. Many investors are buying the neighborhood homes cheap and fully renovating the area homes. Many of these investors are getting rich. Why not renovate your own home and make yourself rich. Try my government FHA renovation loan. Only 3.5% down to purchase. Refinances won’t need a down payment. The mortgage and remodel are included in the same loan with one easy monthly payment. The loan to value is based upon after completed value. Remodel projects can range from $10,000 to $150,000 or more. Call me for your remodel / renovation loan questions. Kirk 713-922-8435

Real Estate Market Chart by Altos Research www.altosresearch.com

Renovation Lending and Creating your Dream Home

Learn how to increase your homes’ value with a Renovation Loan.

You can take your current home and add a swimming pool , outdoor Oasis with kitchen and firepit, and include a new roof and new A/C, windows , kitchen , tile, granite, bathrooms, etc.  A complete Dream Home renovation.

The loan is based upon after completed value, 95% LTV.  You likely won’t even need a down payment.

Call Kirk Hefty  Renovation Loan Expert


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Remodel and Create Instant House Equity

The FHA has a remodel loan which can help you increase your homes value.  You can get Instant House Equity.

The 203k remodel loan can be used to purchase or refinance your Dream Home.  Create your Dream Home with a remodel.

Remodel projects can range from a small $15,000 remodel to a full blow Dream Home rebuild with $200,000 in renovation.

The loan is for high loan to value remodels.  The loan is for 96.50 % of the after repaired value.  So just 3.50% equity to create your Dream Home.

I am both a Real Estate Broker and a mortgage loan officer.  I also have a FHA 203k certified contractor and a knowledgeable FHA fee inspector.  We work as a team to insure you get your Dream Home.

Give me a call , 713-922-8435 .

FHA Refinance

Do you have a current FHA Mortgage?

Did you realize after April 2013, you are required to pay 30 years of Mortgage Insurance?

It is time to refinance  your FHA loan into a lower mortgage insurance FHA loan or simply refinance into a No Mortgage Insurance Loan.

Your could save $50,000 to $180,000 by lowering your rate, term, and mortgage insurance.

Call Kirk at 713-922-8435.

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